Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Little Sass Never Hurt Nobody

Wasn't Aretha Franklin a little brash and sassy on this album cover? Go Aretha! Now you see why she continues to bring "it" today.

Discovered this album last night, while my sister and I were going through some old albums that my dad used to collect. For those of you who are new to me, or my blog, my father died in March 2006, and so we discarded a lot of things. Kept a few things.

The albums we wanted to keep. And we found this one, With Everything I Feel In Me, last night in one of the boxes. Found some other cool ones too... still in their album covers... and plastic wrappers. Original Nancy Wilson, Etta James, Teddy Pendergrass, and Aretha Franklin albums.

Kinda cool.

Then, we found some pics of when my dad and mom were first dating. Dating looked so fun back then!

There were some bar/club pics, when I assume you had to take out all your date's girlfriends... for approval. Because it was always my dad, with my mom and three or four of her friends. And they dressed up too, in suits and dresses (no sagging, like today's dress-up style lol...)

There were some pics from a weekend trip they did to Puerto Rico. And my sis and I were like -- they never took US to Puerto Rico!

There were some pics from some march/rally at the Mall on Washington D.C. Couldn't make out the picket signs or the issue. But, I was like... how cool. They had common issues they were passionate enough to go to a D.C. rally together. How cool.

Looks like couples did a lot before deciding to commit to each other back then, late 60s, early 70s.

A little brash and sassy never hurt nobody... so we should try to bring it back to the dates and partners we have today.


life said...

What happen to those days? I'm relatively young, but I guess I'm old fashion. What happen to ppl going out on real dates. Sitting on the phone getting to know each other.

yet another black guy said...

isn't it weird/fun to discover how your parents were before they put on the mommy/daddy hats. it's crazy to see them in a different yet familiar light. always makes me wonder if we would've been friends back then, ya know?

and the records our parents have are THE best physical legacy i can think of. i always wondered where my tastes came from. now i know. and my condolences about your father.