Monday, September 24, 2007

Relationship Dealbreakers, Lies, and The Hunt

Oh, this isn't one of those down-on-relationship posts. Not at all.

In fact, just recommending a couple books and an online column that might enhance all of us before committing to that next romantic relationship on the horizon.

The first, is Dr. Bethany Marshall's Dealbreakers: When To Work On A Relationship And When To Walk Away. She writes a very popular relationships column in one of the LGBT magazines here called In Los Angeles.

The second, is Dr. Robin L. Smith's Lies at the Altar, where she analyzes ten myths and ten truth that can start as food-for-thought for that next commitment.

And finally, Clay Cane's The Hunt and The Hunt, part 2 are among my favorite columns by him, with some very down-to-earth and humorous words of wisdom. In fact, just read every column Clay Cane has written.

One of my family members always said while we were growing up is, "Relationships are more than who looks good or who is funny."

I ignored it when I was young and naive. But now I totally get it.


Clay said...

You know I love ya Fred!

yet another black guy said...

thanks for the tip!