Friday, September 07, 2007

Thelma From Good Times

So I love the show Good Times. Watch the reruns on TV One all the time.

Thought Michael was cute, back in the day. Told you my thoughts about those tight beige cords James Evans used to wear.

But I always though Thelma was FINE. Even last night, while watching the show, I was like back then people didn't hit the gym, or do surgery, like they do today... and she still looked good. That's natural beauty.

So anyway, today I'm playing hooky from writing. Surfing the net. And lo-and-behold.

I found out what Thelma, well Bern Nadette Stanis the actress who played Thelma is doing. Well, one of the things she's doing.

She's writing relationship advice books. And doing pretty well at it. Who knew? I didn't. Did you? Well, now you do! Check out Bern Nadette Stanis' official website here. She'll be a featured author at the National Book Club Conference in Atlanta in August 2008.

On another, related note, last year I was thinking... Thelma from Good Times would be a great addition to the cast of Noah's Arc, possibly playing a sister of one of the main characters. Thought the actress who played Willona, Ja'Net DuBois, could have played one of the characters' mothers.

Then this year, after Victoria Rowell left the role of Drucilla (a character and actress who I absolutely love) on Young and The Restless, I thought... Thelma from Good Times could play an excellent Drucilla. She would probably be the ONLY person I could accept as a re-cast for Dru, if the original actress wasn't available.

After all, same age range. Still has face and name recognition. And still has the audience recognition from black people in the U.S.

I'm surprised no casting director has picked up Bern Nadette Stanis for a major role recently. Can't solve that personally, but can pick up one of her relationship advice books!

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yet another black guy said...

oh snap! i thought i was the only guy still wondering what sis looked like these days. you're right she still looks amazing and would've made a great addition to Noah's Arc.

i wish they would have continued the series. know who else i always think about? Dianne Carroll.