Thursday, November 01, 2007

It's November. I'm Launching A Book This Month!

Sometimes I have to pinch myself.

It's November 1st. Yay. By the end of the month, my second novel, Right Side of the Wrong Bed, will be out to the world. And I'll be doing a few readings and signings shortly after the release date, November 27.

I would like you to help it go straight to the top by purchasing a copy, and also getting a few copies for your friends and family members as holiday presents.

If you want some independent book sites, click here. If you want to purchase it from Kensington, click here.

If you want to read an excerpt from Chapter One, click here.

With Right Side, I've written a fun book, but also a thoughtful one. It takes us on a wonderful ride through black and Latino gay couples in Los Angeles, and addresses the question -- when opposites attract and differences arise, can a couple keep the romance going, or are they simply two people waking up on the right side of the wrong bed?

I call it the "dysfunctional couples who don't know they are, but all their friends and family know" book. I'm sure you, or someone you know, can relate. If so, I think you'll enjoy the "boymance" of Kenny Kane and Jeremy Lopez in Right Side of The Wrong Bed.

Now, this isn't just a shameless plug. I've gotten used to slipping in to conversations that I'm a writer. I'm no longer nervous or self-conscious about it.

What this is about is the LONG WAIT. I know I've been talking about this book forever, since we sold it to Kensington. I know I've been talking about the project I'm currently working on -- and which was due to be done and turned in by September -- forever.

I always liken this publishing process to that of having a baby. And while I've had no babies, I know that each book is different, like your kids. The anticipation of the delivery or publication is nerve-wracking. You have questions, worries, wonder if you're paying enough attention to yourself or your project.

But anyway... can you believe it's November? Time for those treats and decorations to come out of the closet...

Have a good one!


Trent Jackson said...

I am soooo juiced!

Anonymous said...

Start the countdown. Only 26 more days until!! I wish you major success with your new novel!!

I'm already spreading the news!

Kevin C

D.LavarJames said...

Can't wait to start reading!